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Here are the best ideas for you:

Idea #1

Very short description of the idea to get people excited. 

Idea #1

Very short description of the idea to get people excited. 

Idea #1

Very short description of the idea to get people excited. 

What’s next for you?

Here are the next steps you should take.

1 – Find the best business idea for you

A great business starts with a great idea. Before starting your own business you need to make sure that your idea has some real potential and matches your personality.

We gave you 3 ideas based on your quiz answers. Not a huge fan of them? Don’t worry. There are many more great business ideas out there, and there is a perfect one waiting for you. 

Need help finding an idea? On BusinessTown, you will find many videos, worksheets and lists to help you find the very best business idea for you. This includes our best selling course How to Find a Great Business Idea.

2 – Build the foundation of your business

Before getting started with your business, there are a few critical decisions that you need to make. For example: Who is your target market? How are you different from your competitors? How are you going to reach your customers? What is your USP?

You also need to put all of this critical information into a great business plan and prepare some financial documents like an income statement or a balance sheet.

Do you need help with that? On BusinesssTown, we cover all the important aspects of starting a business in short video courses. You won’t miss anything important and will nail down all of the early steps. We will show you how to build a solid foundation for your business so it can prosper for years to come.

3 – Learn how to start your business right

I have found that having money and experience are not the most important factors for succeeding in business. What matters more is choosing a great business idea and making the right decisions when getting started.

You need to learn how to start your business right. This way you will avoid all the rookie mistakes that first-time entrepreneurs make. You will always be one-step ahead and confident that you are making the very best decisions for your business.

We are here to help. On BusinessTown, real successful entrepreneurs will share their experience in short and easy-to-follow video courses. You will be able to start and run your business with the confidence that you know exactly what to do at each step. 

Hi there, I’m Bob Adams.

I’m here to help you start your own business.

I’m Bob Adams, serial entrepreneur, Harvard MBA and founder of BusinessTown.

I have started 17 businesses. Most of my businesses I started with less than $2,000 – including one business that I sold for $40 million dollars.

But I was once in your shoes, not sure what to do or how to get started. I had to learn what works and what doesn’t work, sometimes the hard way.

I’ve got great news for you! You’re not going to go through years of trial and error. Because the recipe for business success is waiting for you on BusinessTown.

I’ve created BusinessTown to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own business. On Businesstown you will find short video courses that will help you every step of the way and show you exactly what to do.

Want to learn more about starting a business?

BusinessTown is like having a business coach by your side 24/7

We make starting a business simple

  • Even if you are a beginner you will quickly learn how to start a business and understand how to make it successful.
  • You will learn all aspects of starting a business including finding a great idea, creating your business model, writing your business plan, getting financing, doing marketing, and making sales.

Our courses will show you exactly how to start your own business

  • This course is a complete step by step roadmap for creating a business from scratch. Because we cover the entire process and explain everything carefully, you do not need any prior knowledge or experience to take this course.

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