4 Signs Your Conference Room Needs A Better Audio-Visual System

One of the most essential tools any modern company’s boardroom should be equipped with is a functioning audio-visual system. Not only do audio-visual systems make presentations, discussions, meetings, and reports more vivid and more memorable, they also make conference calling and videoconferencing easier and more immediate.

A modern audio-visual system is absolutely essential for businesses that want to project an image of professionalism and style to their clients and partners, which is why you should look out for these four warning signs that your current system may need to be updated:

1. You Regularly Have Connectivity Problems

Without question, this is the most serious issue you can have with an audio-visual system. It is also one of the most common: we all know what it’s like being on a conference call that keeps breaking up at key moments.

Not only do connectivity problems look unprofessional and make it difficult to conduct important meetings, they also discourage people from taking advantage of the technology that is available. Videoconferencing is an incredibly powerful tool for conducting business in the 21st Century, and you shouldn’t let a bad Internet connection keep you from benefiting from it.

2. Image And Sound Quality Are Low

Even when the connection itself is working, you may run into problems that make it difficult to see people on video connections or to hear what they are saying. While you might still be able to accomplish the work that needs to get done in the meeting, it won’t be a pleasant experience. And if you’re talking with a client, it will give them a poor impression of your business.

3. It Uses Too Many Wires

Wireless technology has come a long way in the past decade, but high capacity fibre cables are still the best way to ensure that your conference call is not plagued by connectivity and quality issues. But this doesn’t mean your conference table needs to be covered in wires.

If you want a conference room that delivers next generation functionality with minimal clutter, hiring a network cabling company like Excellinx.com to take care of your audio-visual solutions is a good way to ensure great connectivity and practical user design.

4. Your Interface Is Difficult To Navigate

As with any technology, effective video conferencing is based in a simple interface that allows users to access the tools they need in as straightforward a way as possible. If you find it difficult to make your system perform as needed, or if you regularly find that staff members avoid using your system because of its complexity, you should consider upgrading to a more seamless and integrated platform.

One of the most significant business trends of the past decade has been the rise in the number of people opting to work remotely: according to a story in the New York Times, nearly half of American workers said they spend at least some of their time working from outside the office in 2016. In many of these cases, cutting-edge technological tools like videoconferencing have made it increasingly possible to network and meet with co-workers effectively without being in the same physical space.

For this reason, businesses that want to be competitive need to be able to provide their staff with the best possible audio-visual tools by overhauling and modernizing their current videoconferencing system.