4 Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

SEO and content optimization go hand in hand. Now that Google has revealed content among its top 3 ranking factors, it is even more important to pay attention to write effective content. Thus, your content needs to be interesting and unique, according to the requirements of SEO.

Listed below are 4 tips that will help you write fresh and appealing content that promotes your website.

Purposeful and Attractive Content

The biggest mistake that many businesses make is writing content only for the purpose of SEO. For the sake of updating their blogs, they flood them with redundant and repeated content. These posts carry no value, and, at times, the posts are solely written for optimizing keywords, regardless of the fact, that the targeted keywords don’t even make any sense in the general context.

The biggest drawback of such a practice is that it throws off readers. The average user is becoming increasingly Internet-savvy, and they have a wide landscape of content to choose from. So, if the content is boring, monotonous, and clearly optimized, it’s is going to deter readers. They will go to other blogs that are giving them valuable and engaging content.

No one can deny the importance of keywords, but flooding the content with keywords is a complete no-no. Google heavily penalizes unnatural links and instead of benefitting your website, it will cause it harm. Integrate the keywords in the headings, subheadings or very sparsely in the content to get natural links as Google will rank you higher in this way.

Optimizing for keywords is fine, and still encouraged, but cramming them in each paragraph to the point where it’s unnatural will only serve to hurt your website. Including a few instances throughout the content – in the body along with headers and subheadings – is enough to help boost your content in Google search results.

Avoid repetition and keep your content specific. Do not repeat points just to increase the word count of your post.

Updated & Relevant Content

Outdated and obsolete information is of no use to anyone. When you are writing content for the purpose of SEO, it’s important for you to keep yourself up to date. A writer should always remain in touch with the latest happenings and updates on the SEO platform, whether it is for blogs, social media, marketing events, and other sources that can provide information.

Remaining informed about your competitors is essential. Find out what is being posted on your rivals’ blogs as it can give you the insight into the requirements of the market. Interviews, case studies, infographics, and surveys are some ways in which you can find information.

The Right Content Exposure

After posting your content on your blog, it is important to give it the right kind of exposure. Keywords will get you traffic, but this shouldn’t be your only content promotion strategy. You should try posting your content on well-recognized sites. Social Media also plays an effective role in promoting your content – shares and the word of mouth can automatically bring traffic to your website.

The more your content appears on trustworthy websites and social media, the more it will be indexed by Google, eventually placing you on the first page.

Importance of Audience and SEO

The main purpose of writing and updating regular content on your website is SEO. However, the importance of the audience cannot be denied either. Whenever you write and publish your content, both of these factors should be kept in mind equally. Google may index your website, but it is the readers who read and share your content. The audience is the real traffic.

Always ensure that your content is written according to the requirements of your targeted audience. Writing clear, unique, and interesting content is of utmost importance. After that, you can integrate keywords subtly and sensibly and interlink as well.

Keep your readers entertained with valuable content.

Mark Long is a researcher and blogger with experience writing on multiple topics including SEO, AdWords, PPC, and more. He is currently writing for Saba SEO, A trusted San Diego Seo Company.