5 Style Tips to Enhance Your E-commerce Site

The best e-commerce websites are those which are effectively designed to make the user experience quick and easy. Shoppers do not want to be bombarded with information, pop-ups or spend ages finding the products which they want. Therefore, it is essential you spend plenty of time and effort developing a strong design. Part of this includes having an attractive and efficient style to your site, which can be achieved by implementing the following tips.

Use Colours Effectively

According to research, 92% of people think that colour plays an important part in deciding whether to make a purchase or not. This also applies to the colour scheme or theme used throughout your e-commerce website. The prominent use of certain colours has been shown to have different effects on online customers. For your background, menu bars and fonts, the following colours can have certain effects:

White: Clear and pure, white is essential especially around content to avoid customers feeling boxed in.

Black: Confident, though moderation is vital as too much can appear bland and dull.

Yellow: Cheerful and attention grabbing, excessive use can turn customers off though.

Blue: Peaceful and productive, a popular colour for many web pages.

Red: Emotional, it can create loyalty when used creatively but also become overwhelming.

Green: Natural and easy on the eye, it can be relaxing and positive.

A combination of the colours most appropriate to your brand, products and aim is the best idea, using each with moderation rather than focusing on just one.

Large and Clear Images

Images are arguably the post important design elements for any e-commerce site, as these best convey the products potential customers are looking to buy. Content that is supported by relevant images has been shown to achieve 94% more page views than those without.

Larger images are almost always better, to grab the user’s attention and make it clear what the product is like. Only if there is a lot of specific information required will a smaller visual be more appropriate. Providing a 360-degree view is incredibly useful for users as well, especially if a spin feature can be included, that has been shown to improve conversions too.

Make the Search Bar Accessible

Having a search bar that is easy to see and navigate will really improve the user experience for your potential customers. This will likely be the most used tool on your site, as customers who cannot immediately see what they want will head straight to the search option.

Make this a key focus by having it in the same place on every page. Usually central at the top is an effective option. Within the search bar, refinement options are more likely to appeal to customers and ensure they don’t go to a competitor.
Build Your Brand

Along with the right use of colour, engaging customers with your brand is important to create loyalty and generate repeat business. There are various ways to do this, such as by adding a blog to your site. Creating relevant content surrounding your site and the products for sale should help build an emotional connection with customers.

An effective use of social media to showcase products and blog content could also lead to greater engagement and further cement your brand. This can feed into the site, with prominent links to such pages on the homepage and scattered throughout your site.

Implement Marketing Ploys

E-commerce SEO tips from WMG can help with the online marketing for your site, but there are many marketing ploys you can include to create action onsite. Including stock levels next to products, especially when they are running low, can fire up customers to make a purchase due to scarcity.

Allowing customer reviews, especially when the majority are positive, reassures users and can also result in sales. Buttons to share items on social media, along with incentives such as a discount or competition entry can prove effective too.
Enhance your e-commerce site by using these tips and hopefully you should see a greater performance as your site attracts more customers.