7 Smart Ways to Maximize Conversions from Your Blog

A lot has been said over the internet about how to improve search engine rankings, but it is not all you need. Increasing the search engine ranking is just a tip of the marketing iceberg. There is much more you have to do to keep your visitors engaged and convert them.

Here are some proven techniques to maximize the conversion rate of your blog.

Write what your audience wants to read

A blog is mostly about text and images. You can use them smartly to differentiate yourself. But the big question is how to do it.
Start your work by finding the topics which are deemed interesting by your audience. Then find out their pain points—the things that they need and want solutions for—and address them. Tell them what you understand about their problems, answer their thoughts, and remember to keep them engaged throughout. Create content for these topics and embed whatever you are trying to market in-between the lines.

The best way to find out what your audience finds interesting is by answering these questions.

– What is your audience searching for online?
– How is your audience spending most of their time online?
– What is your audience talking about?
– What interests can you see from their social media profiles?

Once you know what interests your readers, it becomes super easy to grab their attention. Just be on time and start writing right away because interests are ever changing!

Use powerful Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action entice your website visitors to act. Smartly placing powerful CTAs is one of the highly recommended approaches to increase conversion rate. You must know exactly when the readers want that ‘push’ to go to the contact us form or just open the chat window and contact your representative.

CTAs work like a charm not only for blogs but also for websites. Just use them at the right place and they are going to convert a lot of traffic.

Create a sales funnel

Every hugely successful blog creates a sales funnel for its readers. Good sales funnels work amazingly to persuade readers. It also depends on your product or service. If the product needs a lot of understanding on the user’s part then, you need to offer a lot of precise information before giving them compelling reasons to sign up for you.

Here are some tips to help you get started with the process of building a funnel:

– Offer valuable information through your blog posts. Aid the information feeding process with images, videos, and links to useful information. Sharing quality posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms is an effective way to lead people from your social media profiles to your site.

– Become a reliable advisor. Make it clear that you have your readers’ best interests in mind. To act upon your advice, they must learn to trust you first!

– Give them persuasive reasons to establish and maintain a contact with you. This contact can be anything from signing up to your email list to asking about your services.

Once you have their emails, you can send them any promotional material you have. If you are their trusted advisor, they will definitely listen to you.

Get rid of the jargon

One tip for your blog; never forget you are writing for people, not companies or marketers. People need simple words and no marketing jargon. A key to deciding how you should write is to think as if you were talking to your friend. Cut any word or term that you would not use while explaining anything to your friend.

Let your readers make comments

The comment section is a great place, but some bloggers totally miss on it. Let your audience talk about you and your work. They may appreciate you, share their opinions and ask you any queries. Everything is to your benefit.
Follow the comments, answer the queries and implement the suggestions. Sometimes, your readers will explicitly share what they want to read. And sometimes they will give you a chance to promote your product right way. The comment section is no doubt an amazing thing!

Find the weak points and work on them

A blog that enjoys good online traffic but fails to convert the visitors indicates a deep rooted problem. It can be anything. Take some time out and analyze your blog thoroughly to find the problem.

Usually, people lose their attention because

– The topic is not interesting.
– Information is either not relevant or is embedded in too much technical jargon.
– Language is not clear.
– CTAs are not provided or their tone is not persuasive.
– The blog post lacks conclusive points, leaving the reader in the middle of nowhere.
– A reader has to dig deep to reach your contact information

Make your blog interesting right away

Here are some tips to make your blog interesting.

– Blog frequently.
– Make paragraphs and bullet points.
– Include images and videos wherever possible.
– Include offers like an instant win or a competition
– Earn your readers’ trust with honest and factual information.
– Embed keywords smartly.
– Do not sound as if you are selling something.
– Bold important information. Use italic to denote some specific information.
– Maintain a friendly tone.
– Catch up with your audience on social media as well.
– Create resource pages.
– Provide share on social media options.

Increasing conversion on your blog is not a one day job. It takes time and effort. If you did it very quickly, chances are you have done it wrong. All the great things take time and so do your blog. Do not hurry and jump on conclusions. Just implement all the strategies and wait to see the results!


Rick Riddle is a marketing consultant and an up-and-coming blogger whose articles aim to help people with digital marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship, and career. Follow Rick on twitter and reach him out on LinkedIn to keep up with his latest publications.