7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media Marketing

Proper management of the power of social media marketing is an essential tool for affecting your target audience and customer base significantly. However, if you are new to the game and lack the necessary experience, it can be quite challenging. You need to acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of social media marketing, from boosting the quality of your content to increasing the number of your online entry points. If you follow these 7 unwritten rules, you will be able to form a foundation that will benefit your brand, your customer base, and, most importantly, your net income.


In order to succeed with your social media and content marketing efforts, you need to listen more and talk less. Dive into the online content posted by your target audiences, and join discussions in order to learn what matters to them and what does not.

Look for important influencers in your field who change the way people think about your area of expertise. Stay informed of what they are talking about via their social media channels, and take notes. When you finally get acquainted with their style and subject matter, you are ready to reach out to them. The effect of an influencer who likes what you have to offer sharing his or her impressions with a large audience is highly substantial for your business.

Be Active

Keep in mind that the most successful online businesses share a lot via their social media. Quality content is essential, but the same goes for sharing it often so that it can have a far reach. If the word about your products and services gets out, it means that your marketing is doing its job. The more you share, the better results you will get. Also, when you choose to post is very important.

Share all the quality and essential content that you can get a hold of. But it is also important that you write and share blog posts and design infographics. Optimize your schedule so that you post when your audience is present the most online. All this is bound to benefit your social reach.

Create Quality Content

It goes without saying that quality is more important than quantity. The 1000 visitors who engage with and share your content matter much more than 10,000 who connect with you once and then leave for good.

In order to do this properly, you need to make a plan. It is essential that you post something that has behind it enough thought and understanding of what your audience is looking for. Creating enticing and particularly visual content is the way to go. Keep in mind that it’s better to post quality content less frequently than to overdo it with something mediocre.

Be Available and Consistent

It is vital for you to be available to your audience, so you must never publish content and then step back and forget about it. It is necessary for you to be consistent when posting your content and to engage in conversations with your audience.

One of the main reasons that companies lose followers on a social media channel is when they publish a whole bunch of posts or tweets in a short period, and then suddenly go quiet. Your followers won’t

Acknowledge and Reciprocate

The same way you wouldn’t ignore someone who reaches out to you in person, you shouldn’t ignore the people who reach out to you online. One of the most important aspects of a successful social media marketing campaign is to build relationships, so you need to acknowledge everyone who turns to you for help.

This goes for sharing content as well. You can’t expect someone to share your content if you don’t reciprocate. Check them out; start a conversation with them, and focus on sharing and discussing the content that they have to offer, with the expectation that they will do the same for you.

Benefit from Compounding

If the content that you publish is of high quality and valuable to your audience, and this helps you gather a significant presence of quality followers, your content will be published on all social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blogs, and the like.

The sharing of and discussions about your content will open new entry points for search engines to find it when the corresponding keywords are searched for. Web marketing Sydney experts emphasize the importance of SEO efforts, and point out how the new entry points that you gain lead to a large number of potential ways that people can find you on the Internet.

Think before You Post

While this may sound like common sense, companies and businesses out there often make the mistake of posting something without considering the impact it could have. From unpleasant comments about competitors to angry tweets, there is a whole list of situations that you need to avoid. Before you decide to click that button and publish your post, you need to ask yourself whether it is representing your brand with the proper message, and whether it’s hurtful toward anyone.

You have to remember that, in the end, your every action online involves people. With every interaction with your audience, you have to prioritize your branding and keep in mind that it’s all part of the process of building relationships.

Final Words

In the end, you should keep in mind that establishing yourself on social media takes time. You need to take it easy and post consistently, while being responsive to your audience when they reach out to you. Building relationships is crucial, but do this only where you can actually find a common ground. Be observant of how others are behaving, and then engage into meaningful interactions.

Ian Pearson is a contributor to BusinessTown.com