9 Reasons to Use Wordpress for Your Online Business

Most companies either already have websites or are considering creating one for their businesses. When it comes to building a business website, there are many options available, but you want to have the best one to promote your business. WordPress is a reputable content management system that most business use to run their websites. You might have heard about it, but are not sure if it’s the right solution for you. There are many reasons you should use WordPress for your business.

WordPress is Easy to Set Up, Update and Manage

All you need is have an internet connection and browser and you can create your site. It is the best starting point for any small business. When you need to expand your website and customize it, you can easily upgrade to a web hosting account. Furthermore, joining is free and you only need to pay very little to host your domain name there.

Manage your Entire Website

WordPress is a full web content management system. You can still use it even if you want your website to be exclusively for blogs

Cheaper than a Professional

There are thousands of themes available that you can use to customize your website and most of them are free. It cuts down on the cost of having to hire a professional web designer to customize your site.


If you want to add functionality to your site, you do not need to hire a coder. There are plugins that can be used for everything. One plugin you can use is the Wordpress Mailing Plugin that is a useful tool for email marketing.

Solving SEO Problems

Having your website on WordPress will solve a lot of SEO issues as the platform is search engine friendly. Also, if you get the yoast plugin, your website will be more recognizable on the search engine.


There are thousands of available themes and plugins you can choose from, which makes WordPress popular among website owners.

Community Support

There is a large WordPress community available to provide support and guidance. The community is also there to exchange ideas and you can connect with them on the WordPress forum. It gives you an opportunity to learn how you can use the platform to make your website even better.

Mobile Friendly

Most people are browsing sites using their mobile phones. WordPress has already adapted to that and has the settings you need to make your website mobile-friendly. The WordPress dashboard and most of the themes are designed to work well on smartphones.

Tried and True

WordPress is not a new kid on the block, it has been tried and tested. Any kinks have already been removed. In the evolution and maturation process, it has turned into one of the best publishing systems in the world.

No Limits

WordPress is free from any limitations or commercial restrictions. You can use all the features anywhere where you go without fearing that any changes that other business make will affect your site.

By choosing to use WordPress, you ensure that you have complete control of your online business which is the biggest reason to choose it.