Branding and Marketing Techniques to Set Your Business Apart

Why is it that some companies reach the status of becoming a household name while others put out one product or service and then disappear from the scene? The answer is simple: branding. When it comes to establishing a business, there are many steps you must take in order to stand out in the crowd among your competition. If you take the time to market your business correctly, you can grow it and exceed your expectations.

Company Name

If you’re an attorney, a plumber or other professional, you may automatically think that your name naturally belongs in your business’s name, but the truth is that developing a unique and distinct name along with a catchy one-line phrase after it will help people remember you. Take, for instance, “Joe Smith, plumber.” That may get you a few calls from local residents, but if you’re looking to widen the territory and reach other neighboring towns and cities, you need to expand on the name and make it stick. Instead of simply “Joe Smith, plumber,” try something like “Smith Plumbing Specialty Services, where we cater to customer satisfaction.” This not only communicates a more professional image, but also conveys your company values to your customers.

The Importance of the Search Engine

There’s no doubt about it; the Internet is a place where a large percentage of the population goes to find someone or something. Unfortunately, you can have the most informative and best-designed Website on the internet, but if it doesn’t appear when someone Googles it, most of the population will never see you. Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) is something that every business needs to sustain growth. Say, for instance, you live in the state of Florida, you can use a company that specializes in Florida SEO. Through software and the latest technology, it can give you access to services such as increased visibility and page optimization, and help you to attract a higher volume of clients directly to your Website. By having your company come up on the first page of results when Googled, you greatly improve your chances for traffic and potential growth.

Website and Blog

With technology growing at an unprecedented rate, more people are on the Web than ever before. They use their computer, laptop, tablet and smartphones to look up information daily. Because of this, you have one chance to make a great impression. Make sure that you have a distinct logo and a color palette that stands out. Also, you must make the Website user-friendly to keep all generations returning for repeat sales or services. Today, many successful companies also realize the importance of letting their customers feel a personal connection to them. A blog on your Website does just that. It gives customers a chance to review your company’s history from your humble beginning to your projected long-term goals. Blogging also provides you with a way to touch on important issues and concerns. These daily, weekly or monthly posts give you a real opportunity to open up and humanize your business, working your way towards becoming a household name.

Social Media

There’s no better or easier way to gain name recognition and improve sales quickly than establishing a presence on social media. Today, most people utilize at least one social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When they sign in each day to check posts from family members and friends, advertisements are there. If someone places a “like” or comments on your ad, it shows up on their friends’ timelines, giving you double the exposure. Appearing on these sites also makes you appear established and professional, giving you credibility as an added bonus. It’s important to start out small and place your ad on only one or two of the large social media Websites targeting only a few market segments. This way, you can answer posts in a timely fashion so that you maintain an active presence to your potential customers.