Breakwater Blue – A Family Business


Many mothers face this dilemma: how do I balance motherhood and my career? For Barbara Lynch, her daughters, 6 and 9 not only support her business, but are also her “main employees.”

“When I was organizing a beach cleanup (for the business) they designed a logo for the event in blue, white and grey, their favorite colors,” Barbara said

For years, Barbara was a full time mother, but she always had the dream of starting her own business.

“I wanted something that I could call my own,” she said.

Thus, her company, Breakwater Blue, which sells bags made from recycled boat sails, jewelry made from rope that that held anchors in place, and clothing from recycled materials, was born. And her family, especially her daughters, have been a part of it every step of the way.

When Barbara debuted Breakwater Blue bags at the Wier Farm craft fair in Hingham, MA, her oldest daughter, who was five at the time, had an idea for an extra marketing push.

“She was very into making Loom bracelets at the time and she said ‘mommy, let’s sell Loom bracelets and give the money to help the ocean.’” This idea ended up being very popular and now Barbara looks back on Wier Farm a pivotal point in launching the business because it not only generated buzz, but also gave her the idea to move beyond recycled bags into making recycled clothes as well.

Fast forward four years, and the five- year-old, now 9 has also built her own business selling cupcakes to neighbors (and her younger sister helps.)

“She has her own business cards and she’s recently asked me “mom, how do I build a website?”

In fact, these moments are a big part of why Barbara loves being a momtrepreneur

“By running my own business, I hope to show my girls that they can have it all too,” Barbara said.