What CCTV Security Systems Can Do for Small Businesses


Security measures in the modern world cannot be discussed without mentioning CCTV security systems. The advancement in their design and capability has placed them firmly in the front row of the most used security systems in small businesses. Security is extremely important across all walks of life, as a way of maintaining safety of individuals, employees, and possessions.

As noted, small businesses are just one area where CCTV security systems are largely used. Whether it is an office building or a retail outlet, all companies need to take into consideration effective security solutions. Security guards might be a great source of crime watching; however, their eyes alone can’t watch every area and aspect of a building at a given time. For this reason, CCTV security systems are crucial to install as a way of maintaining high levels of security. Furthermore, installing these security systems gives business owners peace of mind and assurance of capturing and monitoring any unusual behavior or criminal activity that might not be noted and handled immediately.

What Are CCTV Security Systems?

Also known as video surveillance, these security systems use video cameras to record constantly and transmit signals to defined centers. More advanced systems use digital video recorders. They may be operated from an enclosed room or in an open space to monitor ongoing activities.

CCTV security systems vary in quality. The advancement in their designs improves with changing market demands and security concerns. Performance options of modern CCTV security systems include but are not limited to:

● Motion-detector sensors
● Email alerts
● Decentralized IP cameras
● Infrared capability
● Live transmission
● Access to archive records
● Facial and voice recognition system
● Mobile app support capability
● Wireless enabled systems
● Remote monitoring

What Needs to Be Taken into Consideration when Installing CCTV Security Systems?

Business owners need to take into account a few things to ensure that they’re purchasing the most appropriate CCTV system.

One thing that particularly needs to be taken into account is whether or not you want the cameras to be discrete. If the cameras are discrete, then people won’t be aware that there is 24/7 surveillance and are more likely to commit crimes. On the other hand, if the cameras are placed out in the open, potential criminals are less likely to commit a crime against the business because they will be discouraged by the fact they’re being recorded.

Other aspects that need to be considered are the type of lens and where the camera is going to be installed. Small businesses are more likely to need only a small lens due to the smaller building or property size, whereas larger businesses may require much larger lens sizes in order to monitor a larger proportion of land. Where the camera is going to be installed is an important factor as it means that businesses will need to consider the correct CCTV lighting level, as well as determining whether or not the camera needs to be waterproof.

Installation, Maintenance, and Uses of CCTV Security Systems

Demand for CCTV security systems is on the rise with more and more businesses coming up in the retail and leisure industry. Businesses established in high human traffic areas tend to invest in better and more expensive security systems. Quality cannot be compromised given the high risk associated with the businesses.

Although these systems are initially installed to protect the business against any potential criminal activity, they can also have an impact on the level of employee productivity. When employees are aware that they are being watched, they will ensure that their level of work is high and maintained day in and day out. Security systems particularly help to monitor people’s behaviors, especially in public places where security for the greater good is the main target.

Similarly, the use of CCTV systems can help prevent employee theft, especially if a business suspects that an employee is up to no good. This can not only capture any employee who gets up to no good but also prevents the employee from doing this act in the first place due to the deterrent of being watched.

Despite trying to catch employees out from a potential act, CCTV systems do tend to protect employees, not only from violence from other members of staff or from customers but also from any false accusations that may be made against them.

CCTV Security Systems are designed to last a lifetime, so small businesses in particular are very likely to find a reasonable CCTV system that fits in with their budget. Installation costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars but significantly varies based on your location and extent of security measures implemented. System lifespan is also influenced by design, quality, the area of installation (indoor or outdoor) and capacity. Some may require yearly membership for maintenance and upgrades, but most are just serviced and replaced as necessary.

Simon Parker is a director at Minerva Security, which shares over 70 years of experience in the commercial security and fire safety industry.