Digital Signage for Businesses: Why Do You Need One?


Digital signage stands out because of its weatherproof designs and durability. Outdoor digital signs are sturdy and high quality. They are smart, easily customizable and remote controlled. The high quality LED signs promises the best out-of-home advertising experience for all brands. Get ready to shine round the clock with the 24/7 digital signage displays that showcase your brand and products throughout all weather conditions.

Types of Outdoor Displays

Standalone outdoor displays are the goliaths of outdoor screens. These are self-contained devices that can withstand all dust, wind, rain, and sleet. The displays don’t not lose brightness, even in sweltering heat. Most of the LED outdoor signage systems you see by the road have reflection-proof glass that keeps the display clear. You can even pick custom displays for an enclosed outdoor area. This is ideal for curbs and patios. Most marts and restaurants go for these pocket-friendly custom outdoor panels. Depending on the brand and quality, some of these panels are self-sustaining. They do not need a media player for the displays.
Semi outdoor displays are ideal for restaurants, bars, and stores. They are perfect for storefront windows. They can tolerate heat, humidity and direct sunlight. They are perfect for malls where you may want to grab the attention of the passersby. They are also ideal for roadside store windows that get a clear view from parking lots or curbs. You can operate this 24/7, even when your employees go home. The semi outdoor digital signage will keep your store window lit even when you sleep.

Content Management is a Breeze

Showcasing your message is now a lot easier with a broad range of display systems. You can pick from a vast collection of customizable templates. These templates are also user-friendly for remote management. Once you have access to a reliable content management system (CMS) you can edit the content of your business signs or slideshows through the back door of the CMS. Some of these templates even allow you to display promotions and messages during certain times of the day. They even promote the concept of ambient-aware advertising. You can even couple the template management system to your phone, PC or tablet. Be it Apple, Windows or Android; you will be able to update the content and display within minutes.

Media Players for Your Digital Signs

Digital signs need external media players if they don’t have media players already built-in. These external media players are a one-time investment for most companies. You can purchase one for several screen systems if you want to display the same message. In the case of plug and play media players, you will need a separate player for each panel and display system. However, updating a detail in the CMS system will reflect globally on all media screens. You need a little understanding of the software you are using to update the information regularly. WordPress is a unanimous CMS favorite for digital signage.

Save Money, Make Money

You can also make some sweet cash by opting for third party advertising. In case, you do not have as much content to display, but you have already bought a display board, you can approach other non-competitor companies for placing ads on your digital board. You can charge money for providing them a platform. This is quite similar to online third party ad placement. Some companies simply want digital signage to add a fresh feel to their façade. Like Victoria’s Secret. They simply wanted to revamp their brand image and chose classy LED displays for in-store décor.

Don’t be Generic

Make sure you have enough content to fuel a 24/7 display campaign. If not, you can rope in third parties, or you can restrict the hours of display. Some stores use digital displays only as long as their store hours. After operation hours, you can showcase your store timings, store policies and special events for people to check out next day. Do not uses “wallpaper” grade images and content to fill up empty spaces.You can see this most commonly inside arcades where multiple similar stores and brands compete for the limelight. Having state of the art LED display surely helps attract shoppers’ attention.

Digital Signage Challenge for Franchises

Choosing and purchasing digital signage is a very crucial step for any business. If you are running a franchise, it might be a little harder for you. If you are the owner of a store under a franchise, you may not have a say in this situation. However, if you are the owner of a chain of stores, going digital is the best thing that can happen to your business. We have seen several franchise owners who have tried to go for digital out of home advertising. However, some stores are 20 percent corporate owned and 80 percent franchise owned. In such a case, you cannot force the franchise to buy digital sign boards as well.


Being a business owner is not easy. Each small decision requires extensive deliberation. Critical decisions such as opting for digital signage require days of pre-calculation, pilot testing, and market surveys. Changing the face of a brand or the look of a store directly affects customer relations. While digital signage promotes positive customer experience and better reviews. You need to be extremely cautious before adopting narrowcasting for your store(s) for the factors above.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a Business Tech Analyst. She has been working with the lead digital marketing companies in the country for the last 5 years. She is currently working on the relationship between business signs and customer response for franchise business.