Grow Your Business with a Growth Mindset

Change is a certainty that cannot be avoided in life, and this certainly especially holds true for the entrepreneurs. The variables that present themselves on a daily basis can make or break a day’s revenue. Combine all this with with how you manage all these external circumstances, and you have the difference between success and failure.

From a marketing perspective, many organizations are satisfied with the company brand they have established. They believe they know their target market well and make little change as they trudge through the years.

But what about you? Are you not satisfied with the status quo? Do you wake up in the morning craving more from life, and from your business? Let’s take a look at a new way of thinking, living, and marketing your business.

What They “Really” Want

Gathering demographic data has been prevalent with marketers for decades. While this information is useful, it provides a pure “cut and dry” set of statistical data, representing outward traits. Examples of demographic data are:

– Age
– Gender
– Race
– Geographic Location
– Employment

According to Seth Godin, an influencer marketing agency should be more interested in psychographic segmentation data, which reveals inward traits such as:

– Interests
– Attitudes
– Values
– Personality
– Lifestyle

With this data, your business can market your brand on a personalized basis. In this online age, the market has changed and what will set you apart is a specialized strategy that you can implement to a more effective channel for your products and services.

Herd Instinct

Some of the most successful brands have a common denominator – a sense of community. Brand loyalty runs deep for some, so deep in fact that a tattoo of the company logo may be found on the customer’s body.

According to Sigmund Freud, the herd instinct is innate, and drives an individual to find others in order to satisfy his natural desire to feel a part of a community. You can see now how the use of psychographic data can be used from a marketing perspective to channel your brand and thus create a community.


Stoic in their ways, many business owners and managers demonstrate a rigid philosophy that was ingrained in them early on, perhaps by a parent or their first manager. Fear, whether they admit it or not, keeps them from altering their ways.

Anyone can become a “chameleon” of sorts and blend into the marketplace. Don’t wait too long for them to be featured in any business publications. Have a desire to standout? This will set your brand apart from the mass of bland offerings.

The difference between a fixed and growth mindset is easy to see . An individual who believes their talent alone will create success has a fixed mindset. The same goes for someone who prescribes to the idea that their intelligence is a fixed trait. They resist any development activities.

Then, we have the individual who believes in the value of hard work and dedication. Their intelligence is used as a starting point, and they strive for more. A healthy obsession with learning is paired with a resilient attitude. Most of the great business leaders of our time have a growth mindset.


Open your mind to the idea that your target market has unfulfilled needs. Set aside the demographic data long enough to inwardly find out who your audience is. That information can help you create a community of customers. Fulfilling these untapped needs and creating this community will be the fruits of your new mindset.