An Importer Of Record Reduces The Complexities Of Global Distribution

For a technology reseller leasing sensitive equipment to high-profile clients overseas, the importing and exporting process can feel overwhelming and often unpredictable. The reseller takes on the majority of the responsibility, ensuring the goods are cleared through customs quickly, that they arrive at their final destination on time, and that they do so within the budget allotted for the transaction. Unfortunately, dual-use goods like IT equipment are treated with extra caution at nearly all borders (because they can be used both for civilian and military purposes). A single red flag creates costly delays, hurting both the business of the reseller and their clients.

Having the Right Paperwork

When shipping technology, the exporting entity must provide all the necessary paperwork to accompany the transaction. Documents include a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill instructing pick up, and other customs support documentation required for clearance such as import permits, licenses, and other certifications.This process can become particularly involved when shipping to multiple different countries, as every nation has its own strict set of rules regarding the paperwork that is to be presented at customs.

Furthermore, because the technology is being leased, it is categorized as a not-for-sale item, meaning there is no customer on the other side ready to take responsibility for the goods, and most countries require a local tax-paying entity to do so. This is typically the point when an Importer of Record will be brought into the process as they have a point of presence in the receiving country and are a trusted entity, speeding up clearance.

Choosing an Importer of Record

When choosing an Importer of Record however, partner with a company that ensures best lead times, and that will see your shipment through every step of the way.

TecEx is one global distributions partner that specializes in the safe and compliant clearance of technologies, they hold a point of presence in over 120 countries, and guarantee clearance within 7 days of customs pre-approval. At they make themselves available to the reseller throughout the process by providing access to an online portal where you may track your shipment, liaise with a client services executive, and make special requests of the on-the-ground team that ensures the package is delivered promptly and securely once it clears.

They also confirm document accuracy, so no unforeseen issues occur at the foreign country’s border, applying on the reseller’s behalf for any permits or certifications that may be required. Possibly their most unique service though is their ability to also retrieve import taxes from 40 countries that make such a refund available, cutting costs for the reseller and their clients. They can expect to receive this refund within six months of clearance.

Choosing the Right Partner

When shipping expensive assets like IT equipment , it pays to choose a reliable partner, an expert in imports that will see the goods through 100 percent of the time. Not only does it alleviate the obvious pain points associated with the global distribution process, it makes for better international business that is consistent and dependable.