A List Of UI/UX Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Business Website

As a web designer, it is very difficult to wear all the hats at the same time. Every web owner is familiar with a particular aspect of the designing process. Perhaps, they might not be aware of the back-end facts of the entire designing process thus demand a better UI and UX. However, a designer should be a genius who knows everything about designing tools and the technical aspects as well. If a designer is well aware of the latest designing trends, he will be able to create a flawless website design with amazing functionalities.

User experience plays a vital role in a website design. It improves usability and ensures users’ contentment when they crawl the website and its pages. In past few years, UX has gained a lot of popularity and has become a necessary discipline among web designers and web owners. When working on a business website, it is obvious to miss something or to forget some factors to include, these things are called UI and UX mistakes It is not a big issue now to eliminate these issues. Web owners and experts have elaborated some of the mandatory and well-known facts that need to be included on a professional website.

By incorporating these elements, your website will look unique, run smoothly and ensure a better user experience which users love and admire.

Web Layout Is Not Responsive

One of the big mistakes web designers make is not to build their websites integrating responsive factors. The first thing which users demand nowadays is mobile compatiblity and responsiveness. It is the most crucial yet challenging element to include in websites. Users want to access everything from their smartphones, tablets and laptops. In such cases, if they find the website is not opening properly on all devices, then they prefer to abandon it and switch to another website. So, it’s important to make your website responsive so that it can be adaptable to all screens other than desktops. You can check your website responsiveness here:

Lack of Free Space

Another major element which web designers usually forget to let the page breathe with well-placed content and other things. This happens because of placing multiple elements on a single page. Leaving free space on a page make users optimize the things easily. This can be done if  web designers places the images and links properly on the page. For example, they should keep something most important on the page such as some action buttons, product image, links and form to be filled. It will help a lot in grabbing user’s mind and converting them from visitors to subscribers.

Slow Page Loading

No matter, how good or innovative your website is, it is uselessif it does not properly run on browsers. Slow page loading irritates people which compels them to leave that particular website. The majority of users expect a website to load within 3 to 4 seconds and if the page is taking more time than that, it means the website provides a bad user experience. This is the most crucial mistake to make because it leads to huge bounce rates and decreases customer’s satisfaction level.

Unclear Call To Action

With the help of CTAs, you can attract your visitors towards your business, but the condition is, every action should be clear as unclear actions may cause negative effects. For instance, if you want the customers to sign up, request a quote, make the purchase or make a call, everything should be properly placed by a clear call-to-action. Your CTA is what action you want your visitors to take through your website. As a web designer, this is something you should always be thinking about.

Too Much Content Placement

The most important fact to focus on is content creation and placement. You might have noticed that websites with precise and bulleted text crawl many times on search engines. This is because many people are interested in well-formatted content. If you have placed too much content on your website, make it precise, short, and bulleted so that visitors can easily find the main message and stay interested in your page. Along with content, you can also place relevant images, video clips and infographics to grab the attention of visitors.

Final Thoughts:

UI and UX are the major aspects of a website design. If these two grab the attention of users, it means your design is successful over the web. No doubt, you have amazingly designed website design, but if you follow the mentioned tips you can improve your design and user experience up to a great extent. So, if you want to attract more and more people to your website, adhere the rules of making a website good in design and also in user experience.


Author Bio:
Being a web developer at Sparx IT Solutions: PSD to HTML Conversion Company Tom Hardy has a keen interest in writing about UX/UI trends to help clients get a better understanding of these latest techniques. He keeps writing and sharing his engaging post on different web portals.