Must Have Business Gadgets for Any Business


In today’s technologically abreast world, it’s hard to imagine a single day or actually a life without gadgets. And if you happen to be an always on the run businessman who is either heading to a tiring road trip, a long haul flight or tied up in hectic schedules, these tech gadgets are able enough to help you stay connected, well organized, productive and above all stay entertained. Keeping in view of what can be counted as the must have gizmos, here the three best:

Voyager 20 Language Talking Translator for the Business Professional

Okay! So you travel the world and you are on a roll for 250 days of a year. If you are someone who leads this itinerant life, then this is the next big thing that you should be carrying. The Voyager 20 language translator has the widest range of languages you can think of. Translating over 400,000 words in 20 languages actually makes travelling across the globe suave. Let’s get on its features to see how:

Main Features of Voyager 20 include:

– Capable of translating over 1 million words and 66,000 travel phrases – it’s simply incomparable.
– Including the Oxford dictionary which is in-built, it is capable enough of translating over 20 languages like English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Dutch and Slovakian language.
– Available in various variants like Voyager 7; TTV – 7
– Dimensions – 0.5*6*3.3inches
– Weight – 12 ounces

Pick this one next and you are the move as you will not have to worry anymore about paying heavy bucks to your translator!

150 Country Travel Adaptor for the Business Pro

This one comes as handy as the other electronic thingamajigs. Whether you are travelling worldwide or operate from different workplaces, the moment we talk about – 150 country adaptor, you will know what I am saying. Well yes, it does work effortlessly even in the world’s busiest and business – oriented countries. After all you know how it is – Japan has got different types of sockets as to what India has got. Similar is the case with Germany and Russia. This one will run all your gadgets and widgets like anything.

Main features of 150 Country Travel Adaptor include:

– Plug adaptation for USB /AC devices
– Fit as per different kind of sockets
– AC outlet 2 built – in USB ports for charging 3 devices at a time
– Can be used for digital camera, iPods, cell phones, camera…
– Can be used in around 150 countries including Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia
– AC Max: 10A 110 – 250 V AC (General)
– Dimensions: 3*1.75*1.75 (Generally, can differ from brand to brand)

The Business Digi Memo

There you are – trying to capture every note, every minute of the meeting. As your business spreads its wings, you hired a guy to take down the notes. But then if you are a person who believes in getting things done with perfection and excellence, then here you are – with a Digi Memo which gets everything written and recorded as you carry on with your meeting. Digi Memo is a digital notepad which captures every note, every minute of the meeting in a flash of a second.

Its features include:

– Well connectivity to PC via USB
– Self-Organizing Notes via Manager Software (Windows)
– Well organized
– Compatible with Microsoft One Note
– Can convert text into PDF, TIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG or GIF
– Can send text as Email via Outlook
– 32 MB built-in memory
– Compact Flash expansion slot (General, can differ from brand to brand)
– Dimensions: 13.2*0.47*9.9

Sony Xperia Z

Topping the ranks in this race of best Smart phones for business purposes is the Sony Xperia Z. It is an excellent amalgamation of stunning screen, rugged and stylish look and a great camera. The brand Sony has actually nailed in with one of their best products for smartphone users with the Sony Xperia Z. It is a big phone which is sleek and slim and offers some of the best features that any individual would like to opt for. It’s top of the line specifications surprises its users at all times starting from the built to the design and battery backup.

IPhone 5 S

Any user of Apple will certainly and without any spec of doubt vote for the Apple Iphone 5S. It has some super distinctive features and is touted to be a superfast phone, a mini computer and one that give a nailing competition to the other smart phones. The best part of Apple is that every version or product being marketed is better than the previous one and this makes the Iphone 5 S distinctive from the others or the previous IPhone 4 S.


The HTC smart phone is again regarded as one of the most happening smartphones in the market today. It has a visual and audio output that surpasses the expectation of any individual and stands strong on quality, optimal productivity and superb immaculate performance that one can vouch upon. This is one phone that runs parallel to the Sony Xperia Z and the Apple Iphone 5S in terms of high quality and great performance.

Samsung Galaxy 54

This is again one smartphone for business purposes. It features some of the best applications and smart phone options that bring productivity and quality to a high level of satisfaction for its users.

While all the above smartphones abd gadgets lay the perfect example of high quality, optimal performance and super amazing performances they are a master piece in themselves. If your business requires some really productive applications then switching on to any of these smart gadgets will never get you on a wrong track.

All the above technologically abled electronic gadgets are devices that certainly cannot be missed by any businessman who seeks excellence. These are simply not Business Gadgets, but modern day hands which technology has given us. These simply do not save time but also help in keeping loads of data in a mini-frame.

Contrary to the hesitation which some might have, millions of businessman/businesswomen globally are being benefited by the use of these widgets. So if you are the one who has not yet begun using this, now is the perfect time to get one.

All the best!