Organizing Your Digital Marketing Campaigns – Best Practices


Anybody who has had the chance to work in marketing knows that being a part of a team is not a walk in a park. With the heavy workload that keeps piling up and many different distractions a modern office comes with, staying organized can be a challenging task. Even if you have created a team of super-talented and skillful professionals, you might still have to face many obstacles. Wasting your time looking for the necessary information while at the same time trying to maintain good relationships with clients can be really frustrating. This usually leads to chaos which, in most cases, is detrimental to team’s productivity.

According to research, well-organized teams are much more productive than teams who have difficulty keeping up with all the workflow. Keeping your team organized is essential for creating a healthy working atmosphere. Here are a few ideas how to get your team organized.

Promote better communication

Communicate, over-communicate and communicate more. Good communication is crucial for building efficient teamwork. Since most of the employees are usually preoccupied with their work, they might find it difficult to stay up-to-date with any issues that might arise. To avoid this, it is always a good idea to organize weekly internal meetings where your work team will have the chance to speak out and provide any necessary feedback. This will keep your team in the loop which will upscale the entire communication.

Use Internal Communication Tools

Understandably, meetings are not always time-efficient, especially if your employees are in the middle of an ambitious project where any distractions will deteriorate their creativity. However, necessary information still needs to be shared across the team in order to increase transparency and prevent any misunderstanding. In this case, you need to consider using tools that will improve internal communication and keep your crew on the right course. Keep in mind, however, that they are supposed to make your work easier. Do not waste ample time on software that lacks robust processes. Make sure you do some research and go for the one that will be tailored to your team’s needs and references.

Improve your team’s task management

Another solution that will simplify team communication and make the team more organized is a robust project management software for marketing teams. Since employees have to face many challenges on daily basis, having a good task management application will help you stimulate your employees and boost their agile performance. Whatever project management software you decide to use, make sure it is easily manageable and that it won’t give your team a headache while they are trying to adapt to it. Onboarding might seem overwhelming at first, but once your team learns all the tricks, they will become so dependent on it that it will be difficult for them to imagine working without it.

Install a Dashboard or a Whiteboard

While different project management tools undoubtedly have a major impact on team performance, setting up a dashboard in a public space where it is easily visible will draw people’s attention to certain site issues. It will increase interaction and create more openness for brainstorming.

Besides a regular dashboard, you might want to install a whiteboard in your workspace. Putting clear messages and whiteboarding everything from team assignments and various tasks to presentations and desired goals is what brings fresh air to you’re working environment and makes consistent messages more accessible to your work team.