How to Perfect the Art of Instagram Marketing


Have you ever wondered whether the use of social media for marketing is a brilliant idea? Well, the answer is absolutely yes! Over the past few years, Instagram has grown to reach quite a large number of users on various platforms. With an estimated over 600 million active users, this is a great platform to showcase your merchandise for sale. Although originally intended for sharing pictures with friends and family, Instagram has proven itself an essential marketing platform.

You may have noticed flooding images of products on sale in posts by people and corporations on Instagram. It would then be wise to embrace this new trend. So how exactly do you achieve this?

Target Your Audience Wisely

It is important for you to find out your potential consumers and target them. You can start by locating and following them. The other thing to do is to keep your profile public to enable easy access even by the users who do not follow you. Once you have your audience in place, you can also use Instagram profiles to extend your platform to the users who access Instagram on computers.

With a wide audience, you can then proceed to post your items and services while interacting with the users to entice them to buy your items. Always try to make your posts colourful and catchy to attract the attention of potential customers.

Reward Loyalty

It would be wise for you to create some competitions for your followers to take part in with the promise of a reward from time to time. This will motivate people to take part and end up giving you publicity as well as new customers. Ideas for such a competition include requiring your followers to share your post, like and comment on a post or use a specific hashtag that will draw attention to your posts.

A very popular trend is the idea that pushes people to like as many posts as possible, giving you more publicity. You can then reward the followers who participate frequently with coupons and promotional codes for purchasing your products.

Give Shout Outs to Your Customers

Whenever a customer buys your items, you can take a picture with them and post it to publicize them if they consent for the same. People like being featured on Instagram posts because this gives their usernames exposure that can help them gain followers. This will entice more people to buy your items with hopes of being featured in a similar manner.

Customize Your Account

One sure way of making people buy your products is by making your account unique compared to other marketers. There’s a tool called Chirpify that lets you set up a way for Instagram users to easily buy items shown on your Instagram photos by simply adding a specific comment to the photo featuring the item. That could be interesting in some cases. This makes purchase of items easy so more people can buy without any hassles.