SEO Traps to Avoid Poor Ranking

If you are aware of the latest SEO techniques, you can easily remain ahead of the competition. As this industry undergoes rapid changes, you should update your practices in order to improve your visibility in the search engine result pages. Here are some of the traps that you need to avoid in 2017.

Target Specific Single Pages

An improved link profile can lead to better results. It is better than targeting specific single pages for Google ranks. Professional SEO experts advise that you start evaluating links and build a link profile through the Google’s webmaster account.

Low User Engagement

This has the potential to be a serious threat to your rankings! A low user-engagement can lead to a poor search engine ranking. To improve engagement, levels, you can opt for A/B testing method and optimize your site properly. You can test out and explore which colors, fonts, words and offers appeal target audience. After testing, apply the most successful results to your actual website and watch traffic go up!

Lack Of Content Creation

Fresh content definitely affects your rankings! If you are satisfied with two posts every month, your site will remain on the lower side of the rankings. You are required to focus on fresh and updated content. You can take guidance from the bulk email marketing services in Mumbai, if you have doubts.

Misuse of Reconsideration Requests

If you are violating the guidelines of Google Webmaster, you will be penalized by default. As soon as you make the necessary changes within your site, Google allows you to send a reconsideration request.

Pitiable User Experience

This is also a very important factor. A poor user experience negatively impacts your website’s traffic. When users quickly move away from your website to explore other websites, it is proof that your site does not satisfy them.

Poor Mobile Design

Unfriendly mobile designs negatively impact your site. For example, very small texts or links close together may result in a less user-friendly mobile design. Your page must be well-optimized so that it is very user-friendly for the mobile users. Your user experience should be improved for the mobile platform in order to enhance SEO rankings.

Anchor Texts

You must choose quality anchor texts for your website. If your anchor texts are abusive in nature, Google will definitely penalize you for them.

With every update of Google algorithm, it is becoming easier to manage the webmaster’s tricks. By avoiding the spamming activities and the loopholes of the websites, you can easily improve the search engine ranks in the new year. Just make sure that you are avoiding the above-mentioned SEO traps.

Author Bio: Walter Moore is a professional SEO expert who works at His tips for avoiding the SEO traps, this year, can help many business owners.