Why You Need a Local Web Presence

  If you want to your business to pop up in search results, you need a local Web presence. Learn why in this video.

Why is local
web presence so important today? My name is Daniel Zayets-Volshin. Today we’re going to talk about local web markets. The reason why local web markets are so important today versus two years ago or five years ago is because of the evolution of how we approach search engine results in general.

The Evolution of Search

Ten years ago, it was desktop computers, and five years ago it was our laptops.  Then the mobiles and tablets started to be introduced more. Today, pretty much everybody spends the majority of their time on these devices.

What’s important is that the format of the screen of these devices changed dramatically. Information needs to be very much streamlined from top to bottom. It affected pretty much everything about how the information is displayed in search results, whether its organic information, local information, or paid information from Google’s standpoint. In the beginning of the year, Google basically formatted the listings to display only the most relevant paid advertisement in the top portion of the page. The side section completely disappeared…

Local Search Results

From a local standpoint the information got compressed from seven listings all the way to three. So why is local information so important today?

If you doing a local search of some kind, the listing that you will call, most likely, is going to be the one that is going to show up close to your location and with the highest number of stars.

People no longer pay attention to Google ads as much as they used to, and the majority of the population knows they are paid results and the primary moneymaker for Google. So people tend to avoid those, unless they’re very well masked and can be perceived as local.

With that consideration, local gets the most value out of the search intent and search engine optimization. Therefore, if you’re not ranked locally, your chances to be followed by a customer will decrease.

About Daniel Zayets-Volshin

In 2001, Daniel began his career in professional online marketing and web design as an affiliate marketer with an emphasis on display advertising. After this experience, he spent numerous years working as an affiliate manager, SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) expert preceding his position as a marketing director at a major public records company. All while, successfully launching over 30 campaigns for public records search engines, which included eVerify, CiminalPages, CourtRecords, and InteliGator. These search engines had a combined daily traffic volume exceeding 250,000 unique visitors daily.

Towards the end of first decade of the 21st century, he founded IntermediaWebworks which eventually evolved intowww.WebsiteBoston.com and www.SEOBoston.org – two websites that offer full service web development and Search Engine Optimization for businesses in the Boston area. Currently both websites are running strong and are the top ranked 5 star rated businesses in Google for multiple relevant keywords within their respective categories.

Daniel currently resides in a Boston area with his wife and 2 sons. His family keeps his feet planted in reality and brings him his most joys in life. While his house is asleep, Daniel is always searching know how to educate himself in technology and new result driven methodology in order to take his performance and the performance of his team to the next level. His keys beliefs to success are constant self-education, innovation and automation.