The Art and Science of Newsjacking

  From understanding the news cycle to sharing content at the right time, learn how to use newsjacking to generate publicity.

News jacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story.

How Does “Newsjacking” Work?

When there’s a news story breaking that has something to do with your area of expertise, you should immediately inject your ideas into that story in the form of a blog post, a YouTube video, a tweet, or some other form of content that people will find. But what this requires is a deep understanding of the news cycle.

Understanding the News Cycle

Every single story ever follows the exact same bell-shaped curve: the news breaks, it gains interest as people are finding out about it, it gains even more interest, it peaks, and then it declines.

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If You Are “Newsjacking” at the Right Time, People Will Find You

Now, what’s important is understanding when the story breaks. You should inject your ideas right there. Then, as people are getting curious and interested,they might find you.

Who Is Going to Find Your Content?

Now who might find you? A journalist, and they might quote you in a story. Potential prospects could also find your story and it can make them even more interested in your product or service.
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I’ve been talking about newsjacking now for more than five years, I’ve got hundreds of examples of people who have made lots of money thanks to newsjacking, and it’s a really simple concept to figure out. I’ve got a bunch of free content about newsjacking at, if anyone’s interested.

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