Top Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work Environment


It’s time for an office makeover!

Now that the summer is in full swing, you might find business slows down a little, as many up and leave for their vacations. If you do happen to be going through a quiet spell, why not use the time productively?

Now is the best time to start thinking about a little office makeover! Generally, the look of an office can become somewhat disregarded. We’re all busy and we rarely have time to ponder the office furniture. But did you know that the aesthetic of an office can actually have a large impact on the productivity of your workforce? A drab, dull environment is not only depressing for your staff, it’s hardly inspiring for visitors either.

So Where to Start?

A deep clean is always first on the agenda. A clean environment is important not only for the overall look of an office but for the health of those within the space too. Dirty carpets and dusty surfaces can cause serious health issues, so it’s worth paying attention to them. A deep clean of the carpets and furniture may make more of a difference than you can imagine! A fresh lick of paint on the walls can also enhance the atmosphere, grubby walls aren’t pleasant after all.

Next it’s time to declutter, it’s easy for the documents and files to stack up and before you know it, you have a bit of a problem! It’s time to get ruthless, get rid of unnecessary paperwork, the shredder is your new best friend. The saying ‘a tidy life, a tidy mind’ couldn’t be more accurate. A tidy workspace offers a much more pleasant working environment. Try and get creative with how you organise your files, there are tonnes of storage systems out there that aren’t as corporate and sore on the eyes as filing cabinets. Try and think outside the box here!

Involve Your Team

An office makeover should be a collaborative process, after all, your employees probably spend most of their week in the workplace! Call a team meeting and get together for a creative brainstorm of ideas that can transform your office space. You want to ensure that your employees are satisfied with the environment in which they work in, and by getting them involved it becomes a joint effort and shows that their opinions are just as important as management. Who knows, you could have a secret interiors enthusiast among the team!

It’s All About Design

Why not consider an open plan style office? Studies have shown that open plan offices can actually boost productivity as well as create stronger team relationships. It also creates a much more pleasant and welcoming environment for clients and visitors, as lets be real, cubicles don’t scream innovation.

A trend that many larger companies are adopting is the ‘hot desk’ method of working, where employees are invited to choose where they’d like to work on a daily basis. It means no assigned workstation. It is said to keep your employees fresh, inspired and motivated. It might work for you, it might not, but it’s always worth experimenting!

Another popular addition to modern, creative offices is the introduction of time out zones. Offering employees a comfortable area to take time away from the screen can be extremely beneficial. It also breaks away from the corporate feel of an office. Add a few quirky touches, and create an area that represents your company! Ensure you’re also offering adequate facilities, whether it be an office watercooler or coffee machine. These little touches can actually make a big difference.

Plants are another great addition to an office, and no, we aren’t talking about that half dead, sad looking thing on your desk! It’s actually been scientifically proven that plants reduce stress!
Think outside the box and don’t be scared to experiment or try something different! With these tips in mind, hopefully you’ll be inspired to give your office the makeover it deserves.


Matilda is a BA (hons) Marketing Graduate currently working for one of the UK’s leading watercooler suppliers Cooleraid. Regularly found waiting by the office coffee machine, she has a keen interest in social media, travelling & photography.