Tools and Services to Outsource and Fix Your Content

Trusting someone to handle your content creation process can be stressful. It’s difficult to find a reliable and well-informed source of content, especially in today’s digital age. You can never know who is on the other side of your email correspondence or chat room, which makes things even more difficult.

However, there are several tried and tested platforms and tools that can certainly help you out. Let’s take a look at some of the best services to outsource your content to and have it ready for publishing without fear of failure. We will split them into “tools” and “services” for convenience’s sake, so let’s jump right in.

Services for outsourcing



We will start off with services that offer freelance content creators for our benefit. These platforms are often omnipotent in their offer of various professionals. 99designs is a platform that specializes in visual content outsourcing.

Whether you might want to redesign your brand, create a new marketing campaign or a new website – 99designs has it all covered. You can easily set up a new contest and choose the professional designer that best suits your content vision.



Content outsourcing goes far beyond visual. Upwork is a platform that offers a solution to a plethora of problems you might have with content creation and management. You can easily hire virtual assistants, data miners, content writers and more through Upwork.

The platform is designed with longevity in mind, so the more work you do, the more respect and reputation you will garner. This is a great way to create a recurring channel for content outsourcing as you will find more and more professionals to work with.

Video Scribe


Sometimes you might need some video content created and have no way to do so in-house. Video Scribe is a service that provides ample opportunity to have your scripts turned into engaging video materials.

All you need is an idea deep enough to have substance for a video to be created. Video Scribe will help you create multimedia content of high quality quickly and affordably.

Writing Help Services

Such companies are great at providing professional academic writers ready to create content for you. What separates writing services from typical freelance platforms is the way they conduct business with their in-house writers. Not everyone can become a writing service professional, since their writers are certified experts and are thoroughly vetted before being hired.

This stamp of security is something that’s often missing from freelance platforms where individual interviewing is rarely applied. Writing services specialize in a plethora of different types of writing, so you will most certainly find a professional that suits your business’ needs. There are dozens of services, and here are some of them, with particular specializations:

EssaySupply: a US-based writing company that is proficient at creating high-quality blog content.


FlashEssay: in case of urgencies, this company can provide the required content as fast as in 6 hours (however, everything is negotiable, and severe deadlines can be reached as well).


GetGoodGrade: the name of the brand talks for itself, they will polish all the content, remove grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax, so that even the strictest grammar nerd won’t be able to leave a grievous comment.



As the last service on our list, we have Pond5, a royalty free video library. Pond5 allows you to find cheap, ready-made videos available for purchase in a matter of minutes.


While it is a possibility to hire a professional video producer and work with them through Pond5, that option is secondary to the vast library of videos, animations and gifs ready for use. This might be a good alternative for businesses with limited budgets or on a tight schedule, since most of the videos found on Pond5 look and feel as professional as they come.

Tools to check and fix your content



Let’s take a closer look at tools available to us for content outsourcing. These tools are often much smaller and lighter than services, although they have a different role as well. While services often work as content creation platforms, tools are here to point towards glaring issues and offer fixes for our content.

One of the most famous tools for that purpose is Grammarly. While the tool is available as a standalone website, it has recently been developed into a browser extension. This extension allows us to scan and analyze content in real time and fix any mistakes in our writing. Grammarly is a very affordable (practically free) tool for fixing our content with ease, speed and precision. There are very few tools out there that match Grammarly’s quality and reputation.

Yoast Checker


No matter what type of business you are running, chances are that you could use some SEO optimization for your content. Yoast has repeatedly proven to be the de facto provider of quality tools and plugins for Wordpress websites in need of SEO. What Yoast does is provide real time checking of your written content for SEO purposes.

Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor of content optimization on the internet, often deciding whether or not a business will thrive on the internet. This tool is semi-automated and doesn’t require you to hire a third-party individual to maintain it. However, it remains an important part of making sure that your business is seen and used around the world.



Sometimes you might not be aware of what content your site really needs. That is why tools such as BuzzSumo exist and are designed to help you out. This tool allows you to pinpoint which keywords, topics and trends are currently hot commodities in your niche.

All you have to do is insert basic parameters into BuzzSumo and let the tool handle the rest. This will allow you to easily craft engaging headlines and follow the style and structure of the most successful content on the web. While it may not create content for you, BuzzSumo will set you on the right track in no time.



Who says you need Microsoft PowerPoint to make creative and groundbreaking presentations? Piktochart is an online tool designed with ease and speed in mind. It allows you to create engaging presentations with pre-prepared templates created by professional designers.

You can prepare online showcases for your products, prepare for business meetings or simply impress your coworkers in a few clicks. Piktochart enables anyone to create great looking slideshows with animations and stylish visual elements without any need for design skills.



Lastly, we have a tool that most will be familiar with. Creating content and scheduling your publishing roadmap is different than actually delivering the content to your followers. Mailchimp is a marketing automation tool that can help you build your brand and sell more products in no time whatsoever. You can create engaging layouts for your emails, set delivery dates and gather data for later analysis all in one place.

The best thing about Mailchimp is that it uses its own blockchain data to craft interesting content layout based on your specifications. Any and all businesses that share your profile and needs can be used as a jumping point for your own campaign. Mailchimp is very intuitive and simple to use, which means there is no reason to pass on the opportunity with such a helpful content management tool.

The decision to outsource

It can be difficult for a business to decide whether or not outsourcing is a good idea. However, keep in mind that your business needs revenue and clients in order to survive.

Clear your schedule by using one (or more) of these services and tools to make your everyday work easier. Chances are that you will start noticing a difference in your conversion rates shortly after you start outsourcing.

About the author: Jessica Fender, professional writer, independent blogger and chief content officer at She is passionate about wise team management and self-development as a leader. Featured on and Addicted2Success.