How Your Website Design Will Affect Your Return on Investment

Businesses have realized the importance of having a website in addition to their physically located outlets. While the wave is still high, you don’t need to ride in it just for the sake of it but for the benefits that it brings to your business.

There are millions of websites out there, and not every business is benefiting from having one. This is because the competition is fierce, and you need to ensure that your website stands out in all aspects for it to be visible and attract quality traffic. While there are many factors that affect the success of any website, one of the most important is the website design.

How do you measure the success or ROI of your website?

Deciding to take your business online means that there are costs involved, and as a businessperson, this decision should give you good returns depending on your goals.

Considering that some metrics can be hard to accurately measure from your website performance, such as brand awareness, others are easily measurable, such as closing customers, quality leads and re-engagements with customers.

So, if you are getting a good number of new customers who keep coming back, good number of referrals and the landing page conversion rate is high, then you should expect your website to perform well in terms of ROI.

What does web design have to do with ROI?

According to Colby Richards, the managing partner of Brown Box Branding, the journey towards getting a business website starts by looking for a web design firm to help you design a website. There are also those who simply buy an existing template and set up a website by themselves. Whichever way you do it, just keep in mind that the quality of your website design will affect your website performance in the end.

To understand this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and realize that you need a site that is easy to navigate, loads fast, and is organized, attractive, and provides quality information. When your website design is poor, people will click on it and click out almost immediately without looking at anything inside.

Your website is the face of your business that gives the first impressions to your customers. What you should be worried about is whether it creates good or bad impressions.

Which web design features are capable of bringing down your website ROI?

Disorganization – If your website is not organized in a logical manner, it means that search engines will not index and rank if efficiently. This means that your site will be nowhere near the top search results for visitors to find.

Too many links and third-party ads – Links are good in directing people to other areas of your website, but things will go wrong if you overdo it. Similarly, third-party adds cause a lot of distraction to your visitors and also slow your website.

Annoying popups – Popups can be great for your website but only if they are used smartly. Otherwise, they can be very annoying to your visitors.

Colors that give the wrong message – Many people are very sensitive with colors, and you should be careful not to use the wrong color combinations in your website design.

Irrelevant content that is not compelling – Content is very important when it comes to gaining quality visitors because it is actually the real bait that brings them in. It should therefore be valuable and relevant.

Images take too long to load – Ensure that you use quality videos that are optimized for web viewing.

The costs that are associated with having a website are developmental, maintenance and marketing costs. Don’t allow some bad web design features to ruin your otherwise good ROI.

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