Why Brand Awareness Is So Important During The Holidays

Whether you have visited a trade show, participated in a 5k or even volunteered for a Parent Teacher Organization at a school, you have most likely seen or received a product emblazoned with a company’s name. And you may have wondered whether these promotional products really helped brand awareness. The answer is yes. How many times have you used that grocery tote that you received as a freebie that advertised the company on the front, and how many times have you pulled a pen from your purse or pocket and seen the advertisement for the plumbing company that gave it to you?

Who’s on Your Grocery Bag?-Using Promotional Products

Many businesses rely on promoting their product or service via products that people use regularly bearing the company’s name, logo and even contact information, a strategy that takes on special importance during the holidays. Items such as the promotional products from The Next Trend Designs Inc. here in Canada help spread brand awareness during the holidays both by the initial user (who, by using the promotional product, is reminded of the business) and by the free publicity that user offers when using the promotional product in public. People see these item so often that they remember the business and then refer it to friends and neighbors. This is a wonderful way for your advertisement to reach many buyers at once. This is doubly true if you’re a local business, because you thrive by spreading your brand during the holidays when people are most likely to buy lots and buy local.

Where To Give Away Your Freebies

Some popular items that are often given as promotional products are shirts, tote bags, pens, beverage holders, drink ware and even technology-based items. Giving away these items during the holidays is not only in keeping with the spirit of giving, but also speaks to people at a time when many businesses are competing for attention. There are so many community events that occur during the holidays such as winter dash runs, and community events, and these celebrations are a wonderful time to thank the community for their support and business. The holidays are a great opportunity to give away small trinkets of appreciation with your company name proudly displayed. 

What is Brand Promotion?

Brand promotion  is a marketing technique that helps a business or individual to promote awareness of their brand. This is the most common way to spread the word about the services or products that you offer.

Why You’ll Benefit From Promoting Your Brand

Businesses and individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit will definitely  benefit from brand promotion . When you decide to take the next step within your business and have merchandise made that proudly displays your business, you will need a reliable company that will offer amazing customer service and quick response time, so make sure you do your research. Find a promotional products company that features all the products your business might need, including technological devices, shirts, drink-ware, clearance items and more. Don’t hesitate when you decide to increase your outreach – ‘tis the season to harness the power of promotional products.