Workplace Communication for Better Business Results


Communication plays a very important role in the personal and official life of a person. Relationships cannot flourish without proper communication. The quality of internal communication reflects the standard of the company. Little or poor standards of communication can be bad for your business.

Communication skills also help a person succeed in their personal journey. Improving your communication skills, personal and organizational, can put you at a higher advantage over many other competitors.

Workplace Communication is not only about reaching out to your employees in various matters regarding the organization. It is also about letting them reach out to you on the various topics that concern them. The best result of an effective two-way communication is that you will get a better picture of what your employees feel about the organization and the managers and you will be able to plan some strategic improvements.

Direct Interaction With The Employees

It is important to know your employees well to make them more productive and loyal.

Try to meet them personally once every two weeks or at least every month to check on their progress. You can call for team meetings for a review of their projects and also encourage them for some personal talks. It increases their confidence in the company and motivates them to be more productive. They will trust the managers more if the communication is regular effective.

Internal Policies and Communication Documents

Maintain and distribute the internal policies and communication documents to the newly joined employees. In the case of any doubts or issues, they will know the procedure to be followed and the people they can talk to.

Utilize Technology

It is better to use the available technology in the office. You have so many options like email, messaging and telephones. But if you need to discuss, emails won’t work that easily. You need some intranet software which can replace email. By checking the current communication systems, you will know what is required and missing in your office. You can improve the communication infrastructure based on your requirements to make it more efficient.

Intranet software

Intranet software is an efficient communication method that simplifies office communication. It has a variety of tools which can make communication easier and faster. are robust and you can easily recover old messages whenever required. This social intranet software has become very popular among most of the companies and is developing fast to adapt to technological advancements.

Be available to your Employees

The middle and lower-level employees are rarely able to meet the CEOs and managers. If they are not able to meet their leaders, how is communication possible? You need to have an obstacle-free communication line. Anyone should be able to easily meet the seniors and talk to them.

Social media impact

Social media is very popular in your employee’s personal life. But you can use this for your office’s internal communication too. You can like, share or comment the organisation-related posts on social media. You can also let the employees share their ideas and experience with the others on social media. This maintains positivity among the employees and increases their productivity A good leader needs to understand each employee’s working style.

Internal Newsletter

Corporate life can be brutal and employees work hard day and night. Some may be working offshore or at the client’s place too. Some employees may be always traveling, meeting clients. So everyone may not be keeping themselves up to date on what’s happening in the office. Internal newsletters can keep them updated on the latest developments at the office and at the client’s locations. You can also include appreciations for some of the best performers of the month in the newsletter which will increase their morale and motivate the rest of the workforce to stay productive.

Setting goal

It is important to set the individual goals so they align with the team’s goal and department goal and finally the organization’s goal. All of these should be communicated to the employee so that they can also work accordingly.


Celebrating victory will always boost the energy levels of the employee and employer. All celebrations have a positive effect.

An effective manager should know how to communicate with employees. Appropriate communication skills help the company achieve its goal. It will improve the working environment and lead to business success.


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