Forget Multitasking! Here’s How You Really Need to Work…

If your work is anything more complex than walking and chewing gum, you don’t want to multitask! In fact, I contend that effective multitasking doesn’t really even exist! Multitasking is really task switching masked as a more impressive endeavor. But don’t be misled – multitasking is a curse not a blessing! When you switch from... READ MORE

How to Write Content for Your Brand: A Sample Company Blog

  The idea of being “one-in-a-million” is ideal for characters in romantic comedies, but it’s not really a great way to think of your blog. However, unless you produce insightful content that reaches the right audience, that’s exactly what your blog will be: just one of millions of sites that no one visits. So, how... READ MORE

21 Easy-To-Start Part Time Businesses

Hi there, I’m Bob Adams. I’ve started 17 businesses and I have a Harvard MBA. I’ll tell you… You can start and run a profitable business part time. I have done it myself and so can you. Take this quiz before starting the article. You'll discover what business idea is best for you. ──────────── QUIZ:... READ MORE

Facebook Ad Campaigns: Cheap and Effective Marketing

If you paint the next Mona Lisa and keep it in your attic, it’s almost like you didn’t create anything in the first place. The same goes for your business; you’ve got to put your website, products, and services in front of potential customers! How do you do this without breaking the bank? Facebook –... READ MORE

How to find a business idea – Take the quiz

Just take this 2 minute quiz and you’ll immediately discover what business is best for you. ────────── QUIZ: WHAT BUSINESS IS BEST FOR YOU? [interact id="611581f153f82b0017dc1198" type="quiz" mobile="false" no_cover="true" redirect="host"] ────────── I’m Bob Adams. I’m a Harvard MBA serial entrepreneur. I’ve started 17 businesses of all different types. Most of these businesses I started with... READ MORE

How to Start a Business in 5 Steps

What if you started your own business? Starting your own business is the best way to build something exciting, to become wealthy, and to be completely independent! “Starting my own business sounds kind of cool… But wait, that’s crazy I have no idea how to do that!” My name is Bob Adams and I know... READ MORE

How to Run a Business Meeting: 8 Dos and Don’ts

  When I launched my early businesses, I avoided meetings like the plague. To me, business meetings were a hallmark of bloated corporations and bureaucratic government entities, neither of which I was trying to emulate. However, I eventually learned that I was wrong. Well-run meetings can boost the performance of businesses of all sizes. As... READ MORE